Stunning Men's Tie/Hankie Sets, Bow Tie and Hankie Sets, and Other Accessories in North Philadelphia

Leo's Apparel carries everything you need to complete and complement your getup.

Leo's Apparel carries everything you need to complete and complement your getup. If you're looking for men's bow ties in North Philadelphia or any other finishing touches to your style, such as cufflinks, funky socks, sharp belts, or neck ties, we have all the little touches to complete the picture.

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Assorted Tie and Bow Tie Sets

Tie sets and bow tie sets are the finishing touch of every nice suit or dress outfit. Our sales people will help you pick out the sharpest combination to make you look great.

Socks from Funky to Conservative

Socks set off your shoes and your suit, and they come in a variety of conservative to funky colors. The new style in funky socks are stripes, designs, and paisley socks. Leo's can jazz your feet up so you can step in style.

Dress and Leisure Outfits

Two-piece sets are for the man that likes to match his shirt and pants perfectly. Two-piece sets come in a variety of styles from solid colors to men's shirts with nice designs that match the pants. For that old school look, Leo's has the largest selection of two-piece sets in the city.

We have a huge selection of sport coats from mild to hot. Whether you're wearing a sport coat casually with jeans or wearing a sport coat with a dress shirt and tie, we've got the hookup for you for the right occasion.

The weather is getting cold, and we have the sweater for you. Whether you're a button-down, crewneck, pullover, v-neck, etc. we've got the fashion, the warmth, and the quality at great prices. Men's pants come in many different styles, colors, and materials. Whether you're wearing courduries with sweaters, jeans with sport coats, or dress slacks for work, we have enough to make you dizzy when you choose.