Men's Pants

Men's Pants in North Philadelphia

Who's Wearing the Pants?

Men's pants come in many different fits. We have everything from modern fits to skinny fits to wide cut fits, perfect for any body type and size. At Leo's, we absolutely measure you because men are sometimes unsure of their proper sizing and fit. There's Nothing worse then pants squeezing you or falling down on you.
At Leo's we take one extra step and make sure our measurements are exact for alterations, so that when you go home, you don't have to come back and say your pants don't fit. When you shop at Leo's, please have the time to try on the clothes to double check that the fit is proper. We help you match pants to sport jackets, sweaters, casual shirts, dress shirts, and even to your outerwear. We help you coordinate your pants with the proper color shoes, belt accessory, and shirts or sweaters that you want to wear to match. At Leo's in the fall and winter, we carry wool slacks, corduroys, and jeans. In the warmer seasons, we carry light-weight poly and linen pants.

When you come to Leo's Apparel in North Philadelphia for men's dress pants, you're not just shopping around for whatever works. You are selecting the pants you need to perfectly match your total ensemble to give you that fashion look.

Dress Pants for Every Occasion

When it comes to men's formal dress pants here in North Philadelphia, things don't get much more suave than wedding attire. If you need dress pants for a wedding, Leo's Apparel is the hidden treasure of a store that you've been looking for. Whether you're the one getting hitched or you're the best man, our selection of wedding dress pants will have so many heads turning that you'll be second only to the bride herself!

Other Offerings

We've been talking about men's formal dress pants a lot, but that doesn't mean we don't handle your suit from the waist up, too! Check out some of these other items from Leo's Apparel, such as:

Men's Church Suits

If you've ever attended one of North Philadelphia's many churches, you know how important it is to look your best when you show up for Sunday morning praise. Leo's Apparel carries the selection of suits every man needs to dress up on Sunday mornings with Grade-A finesse.

Casual Men's Shirts

Like to keep it casual without losing your touch? We have exactly what you need for that. Stop in to browse our trove of casual shirts and see how you can raise the style of casual-yet-sophisticated to a high art.